Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Daily Observations

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Want to keep track of important moments in your life, keep a list of funny things that happen to you and monitor your progress towards your goals? Try starting a Daily Observation diary. I’ve always kept mine on the computer, but you could use a notebook or journal. All you do is take a few minutes once or twice a day and write down things you want to remember – anything at all. A funny sign you saw, your baby’s funny sayings, or ideas that will help you reach your goals.

I’ve been doing this since 2005. I’ve noted things like how a 1-hour traffic delay was funny (later that day) because it meant equality – every lane was the slow lane. I made up funny proverbs like “A bird in the hand – will inevitably poop on you,” and “Teach a man to fish – and he’s gone every weekend.” And I’ve noted nonsensical things that just made me laugh like; I spent an evening practicing juggling in my bedroom (so no one would see me mess up). I was practicing with what I had on hand, using tennis balls, and my dog came through the partially open door. She promptly grabbed the first tennis ball I dropped and ran off.

When I look back at these memories, the details I recorded help bring the scene back to life and I laugh (and cry) about the past. I can look back and see my progress and my failures; it’s a great gauge for your life. This year I moved from central Florida to the quiet mountains of West Virginia and was out of work. My one regret is not keeping up my Daily Observations. (Being without a daily routine like work is what did it, I thought I had time for everything.) Luckily I did at least write down moments here and there – and they are priceless! I highly encourage you to try this habit and let me know if it brings you the insight and pleasure it has me.

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Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk said...

Your comment about a bird in the hand reminds me of a birthday card my daughter sent to my husband once. It said,

Oh, life is so like a bluebird,
The poet Omar hath said,
Sometimes it sings by your window,
And sometimes it dumps on your head.

Thanks for the reminder and chuckle.