Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Superheroes are the cure for bored readers.

Parents who want their children to read sometimes have trouble finding things that excite them enough to pick up a book. Perhaps the kids have a lot of schoolwork or extra-curricular activities. Maybe they aren’t very proficient readers. One option to consider is comic books. Much more than silly stories about costumed heroes, comics are full of characters who not only fight evil to keep the world safe, but also deal with being different, learning about their bodies and powers, and everyday relationships.

You can find comics for young children like those based on Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, The Little Mermaid and others. Older readers will like many of the all-time favorites such as Spiderman, Captain America, Superman and Batman. The wonderful thing about comic books is of course the artwork. Vivid pictures explain the story well to even the weakest reader. The artwork also enhances understanding of what they are reading since it is directly related to the story.

Comics are a great reading opportunity to for children with poor comprehension skills or those who are active and don’t like to sit still for long. They are much shorter than books, there’s a huge variety to choose from, and with new ones coming out every week you can pick up a new story any time.

Check out this great link to see how a class of students introduced to comics enjoyed it and made their own shirts to celebrate. Here is another link to top 20 comics for kids. Also check out Marvel and DC for more. Then get those kids reading!

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Angela said...

Hi funspirit,

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