Sunday, March 30, 2008

Comforts of Home

Sleeping Bo by Joi

After returning from 3-4 weeks away on a family emergency, I have found a renewed enjoyment of the comforts of home. Having the things you like, just the way you want them is very comforting and satisfying. From your favorite food and drink to the temperature of the house, small joys can add up to big fun and peace of mind.

Whether you like your environment quiet and reflective or enjoy the white-noise chatter of the TV or radio, you can arrange to have the world around you reflect your preferences. Your collections, trinkets and mementos bring to mind happy memories of laughter and fun times spent with loved ones. Adventures both old and new surround you in the pictures and books you love. Colors and textures welcome you. That comfy, cushy couch calls to you to come over and put up your feet.

Being in your own home brings relief and relaxation. No more worrying about breaking someone else’s priceless antique or cherished memory. There is peace of mind in knowing your way around every obstacle of furniture in the room.

One of the joys of blogging is putting into words the thoughts and feelings of everyday life. Time seems to pass so quickly and sorting through these random thoughts and musings help me gain clarity and understanding.

Although I’ve often taken what I think of as an unusual or “extra high” enjoyment of my home sanctuary, it is not until after my recent absence that I realized how special home really is. It’s the one place where your opinions matter more than anyone else’s. You have the ability to make it any way you choose. Only your imagination (and decorating skill) limits your options. What a joy, what a pleasure there is in having such freedom. Making your home a relaxing, inviting retreat is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.