Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my brand-new blog! I'm just learning, so please bear with me as I adjust my blog to the right look and feel. I've had a blog for a week on, feel free to stop by and take a look. (I'll be reposting many of the same articles here once I get this going). Visit me at

Just so you wouldn’t get too bored in the beginning, I’ll list a few things I've already written. If you're tired of the problems, bad news and worries you see in the news and Internet everyday, stop by here for a fresh perspective. My emphasis will be on living a happier life. You know, looking at the brighter side of things. Not getting dragged into the seriousness of everyday living.

Why you ask? Because life is hard enough as it is! Why do we all need to dwell on our problems and watch them on TV? Does it help? Not for me anyway. I’d rather focus on the positive. One of the reasons for me to finally start a blog is all the great blogs I’ve read in the past year or two. Happiness is now an actual field of scientific study. I’ve enjoyed learning about humor and laughter therapy and I want to share that with all of you.

My other goal will be to encourage more people to read. I LOVE books! But it seems that many people no longer enjoy them the way they once did. No one has time anymore. However, the writers of today are more varied, more vibrant, and more exciting than ever before. Reading (and comprehension) help people in everyday life (especially at work) and plus it’s just fun! If reading isn’t fun for you, there’s something you’re missing.

So take a look, find something that interests you and let me know! I’ve never done this before, so be patient while I learn how to add photos, videos and other fun stuff. Hopefully I’ll pick it up quickly. If you like what I have to say, let me know so I can write more.

Here’s hoping for a few new friends!


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Ericka said...

Hi! Nice to 'meet' you!!!
My name is Ericka from Illinois, I saw your message on Angela's blog. I love Angela! She cracks me up and lifts my spirits!.
I have a long-lost longing for adopting from Haiti and that's how I 'found'her.
Thanks for the fun links!!!!