Sunday, January 2, 2011

Have more FUN SPIRIT this year.

New Year Dog by mphoenix

I’m re-inventing my blog this year. Over time it’s fallen by the wayside. I originally wrote about how to have fun, or how fun is good for your mind and health. Eventually I ran out of ideas. I wasn’t having fun. (Well I was having SOME fun, but not enough for me to have ideas to tell you how to have fun.)

This year the blog will just be anything fun – in any and all of it forms. After all, sometimes fun isn’t about laughter or being silly. For me, lots of times it’s about having time to read a book, or learn a new skill or even bargain shop at the local flea market. (I’ve gotten some unusual things that way!)

Also – what’s fun for me may not be fun for you. Thanks Gretchen for that tidbit of wisdom. So I’m just going to write about my fun. What I know. If you know of other, better ideas – share them. Most of us want to have fun, but sometimes we run out of ideas. That’s why we need this blog. So we never lose that FUN SPIRIT. J

Here’s some fun ideas I’ve heard others doing lately that sound good but I haven’t gotten around to:

  • Baking cookies. YUM! Or cupcakes or brownies too!
  • Getting a massage. Haven’t had one yet, always make up the time or money excuse, but man this is one I need to do. A coworker came back from a one-day spa day and looked VERY relaxed upon her return. Oh yeah.
  • Seeing a play or musical. This is something I’ve been more interested in lately as my tastes have changed. To hear the live music and the bright costumes would be cool. How about the Wizard of Oz?
  • Amusement parks and rollercoasters. It’s winter, so most of my parks are closed. But I lived in FL for almost 20 years and they were open all year. I miss going. Hello Disney World!

Some fun ordinary things I’ve done lately:

  • Taken a walk at the park in the sun. This was a big deal for me since it’s been a cold winter before winter even officially began. The sun and warm tempatures was a nice change – even if only for a day.
  • Read “The Magician – The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel”. This is book 2 in a series. Has everything you need – immortals, monsters, super powers, danger and a quest to save the world. Book 2 in a series.
  • Played my new Wii. I finally got one for Christmas. I like the idea of being able to pop in and out of a game for 15 minutes or 30 minutes at a time. This way I don’t have to complete every level or collect every hidden item. Just play for a while and have fun.
  • Watched Despicable Me again. I like animated movies, and this one was fun. I don’t know what it is about those funny little minions, but they are just too cute. Of course any movie that includes a freeze ray, shrink ray and octopus gun has to be good.
  • Falling off my balance ball. I got a fitness ball for Christmas, and was surprised to find that even simple looking moves are much harder than I thought. The amazing thing is that I had so much fun laughing at myself for not being able to keep my balance that I kept trying the exercise again and again. (Note – the same thing originally happened when I tried to learn to juggle. Some things are too much fun to mess up just once.)

This year, let’s all invest more in our FUN SPIRIT. Let’s have fun, and share that fun with others. Perhaps we’ll find common interests, or explore a new interest. Let’s try hard to make sure we relax, unwind, laugh, smile and enjoy our life more. A worthy goal for anyone.