Monday, September 17, 2007

Heroes is back this fall. Why it is got-to-see TV.

Summer super smile by Marcus Vegas.

The hit TV show Heroes is back next Monday September 24th. I was a huge fan last year, and am eagerly anticipating the new season. Being married to a life-long comic book collector may have something to do with it, but then again superpowers are always cool. So here are just a few reasons to watch.

  1. Super villains. Will they be happy with mere world domination or are they set to exterminate the entire human race?
  2. In case the characters start wearing spandex and capes.
  3. For the chance to argue over whose powers are better. Self-healing or flying? Stopping time or invisibility?
  4. To see what funny new faces Hiro will have this year. (Love that scrunched-up face of intense concentration).
  5. Suspense. Who will replace Mr. Linderman? Who will turn to evil and who will become good?
  6. Awesome special effects.
  7. To see some serious samurai swordplay. (Hopefully)
  8. More secret organizations, hidden conspiracies and other outrageous fun.
  9. To hear this year’s new catchphrase.
  10. Because it’s one of the coolest action shows on TV!

If you can’t wait for the show to start, here’s a link or two with up-to-date news, spoilers and more. Long live Heroes!

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Clubbs said...

I know I would get hooked on that show if I ever watched it.

Unfortunately, with only one TV and a 2 and a 5 year old in the house, most of our viewing is of the animated variety. :)

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