Monday, September 10, 2007

Stress relief - rocks that help you relax.

Quartz crystal cluster by mscaprikell

We’ve all heard lots of stress relief technique remedies like exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep and relaxing. I’ve tried many, and most work - some more, some less. Now I’m adding one more to the list – meditation with crystals. Sure, to some it may sound silly, stupid, or like mere wishful thinking. How could a stupid rock help anyone relax? Others will say it’s more of that “new age crap”.

They all may be right. But I don’t believe it. I was raised Catholic, but consider myself a spiritual explorer. When I learned that scientists said that experiments found that subatomic particles acted differently in the same exact experiment when they were observed by a person versus left alone in a room, it made me think.

For years, I have heard that prayer relieves stress for many, and I’ve read that doctors say patients that are prayed for heal faster than those that aren’t – whether the patient believes in religion or not. This is thought-provoking information indeed.

I read a fantastic Time Magazine from August 4th 2003 called The Science of Meditation. In it I read an article called “Calming the mind,” which explored the anatomy of meditation. There have been studies done that show that sustained meditation, especially over a period of time like that done by Tibetan Monks, does change brain chemistry and neural pathways.

We all know that quartz is used as an energy amplifier in many different pieces of technology - like a quartz watch for instance. As I read more about this subject, I learned that different crystals had different healing vibrations or energies. I was drawn first to amethyst because of the beautiful purple color. I found that if I held one in my hand during meditation, it deepened my sense of relaxation and calm even further.

I have tried many other stones since then, and found that I feel differently when I hold different stones. I have no idea how this works, nor do I really care. I offer this only as one more option to release the stress of your day. I have found that simply focusing on a crystal offers my mind a place to softly focus so the random thoughts and worries don’t take over.

For those of you who made it this far in your reading – congratulations. If nothing else, you have kept an open mind and perhaps found a fun hobby (collecting crystals). For more on what crystal healing is all about, here are a few links.

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It's amazing what we can discover if we keep an open mind, isn't it? Thank you for sharing your findings!


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