Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A prescription for laughter.

Since I want to add more fun and humor to your day, what better way than to share what I use myself? I found the web site for Dr. Clifford Kuhn “The Laugh Doctor,” during one of my playful Internet searches. (Just type in a word like “laughter, joy, or fun,” and see what you find.)

Dr. Kuhn is a psychiatrist, comedian, and professional speaker and has lots of experience with humor medicine. Read his about page for more about his background. The amazing part about Dr. Kuhn’s humor medicine is that his patients taught him about humor, not the other way around. As he saw his patients smile and laugh while in the midst of illness and disease he realized you could have fun even while in pain.

Although his entire site is very good, I personally enjoy his free newsletter the best. Each bi-weekly issue contains a few stories about laughter, humor and healing as well as several jokes. It’s a great remedy for a rough day and well worth checking out. Don’t forget to check out his Humor Blog as well.

If you have a great fun site to recommend, share it with me in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by – and have a delightful day!

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