Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Opposite Day.

Picture by Pink Sherbet Photography

Here’s a fun approach to a childhood favorite – opposite day. Today, try doing things that are the opposite of what you would normally do. The point here is to experiment and have fun. Try doing something that is different from your normal routine. It can be a small change or a big change, just as long as it’s new to you.

Try juice instead of coffee in the morning. Take a new route to work. Park in a new spot. Talk to people you normally avoid. Eat foods you haven’t tried before, or eat in a different order. Try spaghetti for breakfast. Drink milk at dinner.

If you are normally talkative at work, read the newspaper instead, or go for a quiet walk by yourself. If you watch reality TV, try a cartoon or a fantasy movie instead. Turn of the radio as your drive to work and see what the silence sounds like. Smile at other drivers as you go by.

Try a new style of dress. Go casual in the most comfortable (work appropriate) clothes you own. Or play dress-up like you did as a child, putting your best effort into looking and feeling great. Wear a different sock on each foot. Wear tennis shoes with your pants.

If you are normally around adults all day, visit a playground full of chattering, happy kids. Or visit the cute and cuddly puppies and kitties at the local dog pound. Instead of reading the paper, take a walk in the bright sun.

Here’s an easy one we all forget – change your computer screen. Make your background a different color, and change your screensaver. Move your stapler and pencil cup to the opposite side of your desk. Rearrange your files or take down all your “normal” family photos and put up pictures of your favorite movie heroes instead.

Why try opposite day? Why not? Life is all about the living. It’s like the old say “How do you know until you try it?” Take a chance and make a change. It may be one you enjoy so much you’ll keep it up for many months to come. Have fun!