Saturday, September 22, 2007

How to enjoy failure.

Ever have those days when everything goes wrong? When all your planning, practicing and preparation counts for squat? Those kind of days happen to me – frequently. That’s why I’m proposing to enjoy the failure. Why not make fun of your failure, or turn a negative into a positive? Here are a few ideas on how.

  1. Exaggerate. Not only do I fail to exercise and eat right like I should, I’m so out of shape I couldn’t pass my 89 year old grandma – walking downhill!
  2. Gloat about it. I am SO GOOD at failing to stay in a positive state of mind and becoming grumpy that even my dogs reject me – and they love everyone!
  3. Have fun with it. If you repeatedly get angry at other people (deserved or not), start making fun of them. In your head see them as a baby, in the nude, or being soaked by a water gun. Have fun with your anger and let it go. (This is especially helpful at work.)
  4. Turn it around. Got into a car accident, didn’t get a job or forgot to pay a bill? So what. You learned to be more careful, you can apply for another job (with better pay), and maybe you could start paying bills online instead of through the mail. Learn from your mistakes and they are opportunities instead.
  5. Let it go. When you feel stupid, like no one could be worse, compare it the latest celebrity mishap and relax. So many stars are in the news and have destructive habits. Use their terrible mistakes to help you see that yours aren’t so bad. (At least I didn’t do a “Brittany”.)

These methods aren’t perfect – but they’re a start. Hopefully they will give you ideas on how to use your blunders, goofs and screw-ups as a just another arena to find a few laughs. I my past is any indicator; I will certainly get a lot of practice with them. Enjoy!

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