Friday, November 30, 2007

Split personality – work hard or do nothing?

I’m sure many of you suffer from this same condition. For fans of the movie Office Space, you know the pure enjoyment that comes from doing nothing. It’s almost like there are two separate people vying for control. One wants to learn new skills, earn money, and test their abilities. The other says that life is right here, right now, you just have to slow down to enjoy it.

So what is the right answer? Do I work hard to get ahead while doing my best to enjoy that journey? Or do I relax, let go, and experience the world in the now; alive, vibrant and infinitely interesting? Both options intrigue me, excite me and fill me with energy. Both help me explore the world, learn and grow, and get in touch with life around me.

Right now I seem to be stuck in the middle. I get excited about an idea or project, but after the initial excitement the energy starts to run out. I hit a roadblock or two, my determination falters and I slow down. In that slower state I notice the sunlight filtering through the green leaves of the trees, and the birds singing and think “Ahhh, this is the life.” My work comes to a stumbling halt.

Both types of being have their advantages, but how does one bring balance so these opposing forces work harmoniously together? How do we find that delicate equilibrium that allows us to honor both sides of ourselves without sidetracking our plans and goals?

For myself I find that it usually helps to follow my own moods and emotions. If I’m tired, rest – for an hour, a day or even a week. If I don’t pick it back up then it’s probably not for me anyway. Also, a good balance of rest and work helps. By not overdoing either one, you get more benefits from both.

This past year as I’ve been out of work it was a real eye-opener to discover how much I actually crave the demands of work and everyday interaction with people. I even recognized how being around people who annoy and irritate you on a daily basis can give you great insight for dealing with similar problems at home.

At the same time I absolutely LOVE the quiet and solitude of the mountains. I am captivated by the stars so vast and distant and so plentiful. It fuels the imagination to imagine other planets, solar systems and galaxies and the type of life that may have formed there. I am enchanted by the vibrant green blades of grass and myriad array of insects; from ladybugs and butterflies to bumblebees and beetles.

How do you balance these two sides of yourself? What strategies do you use and how well do they work for you? I look forward to hearing your comments.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harry Potter School is Cool!

I love to see innovation and creativity, especially for children. Thanks to the Good News Network, I recently came across a story of a school in Nottinghamshire, England that used the power of magic to interest children in learning. A school in the bottom-ranking has used themes to help teach children in every subject. Previous themes include Titanic, Africa and Princes and Princesses.

By implementing the new Harry Potter theme into art, history, geography, English and math children are stimulated by subjects that previously were dull and boring. As a result grades have improved as well as student behavior. I hope this inventive atmosphere will catch on and inspire more schools to adopt a more playful and flexible teaching style. To read the entire article click here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun Christmas Videos.

Yes, I know it’s not even December yet. I just can’t help myself. I love Christmas, the glitter, the music, the singing and fun. This year Thanksgiving was an entire week before December, and I’ve already seen two Christmas specials. The stores are stocked with merry little twinkling lights and I’ve even had snow flurries – it just feels Christmasy out there.

Check out my other article A Guide to Christmas Specials, so you don’t miss your favorite shows. They even have a list for the food shows and decorating gurus. You’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy in no time at all.

Now here are a few little fun videos to put a little twinkle in your eye. Enjoy!

Christmas Lights:

Creature Comforts – Merry Christmas:

12 Days of Christmas Animated:

Monday, November 26, 2007

12 tips to stay in touch with friends and family.

My grandfather, the cowboy by KateMonkey

During the holidays I always think of friends and family that are far away. It brings to mind the miles between us and the lack of time we have to keep each other abreast of what is going on in our lives. This year I am making a list to stay in touch and better connected to those I love. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Email. Don’t just forward a funny email or joke. Although these are great, a short, typed note about what is going on in your life will have much more impact and generally result in a better response.
  2. Greeting card. These are fun to send for no reason at all. Send them on the more unusual holidays like 4th of July, Halloween, or National Friendship Week. Everyone likes cheerful greetings instead of another dreaded bill.
  3. Telephone. Use your time wisely. The cell phone is available all the time. Try to call one far-away family member or friend each month. Rotate as needed. Or set aside one night a week to make as many calls as you can in an hour. Even a 15 minute chat is fun. Don’t put it off.
  4. Time differences. Many of us have family around the country or around the world. Take a minute and set up your own personal World Clock. This will let you add areas where family members live and you can easily check the time with a mouse click. Definitely makes keeping in touch easier.
  5. Pictures. If you have children or get yearly family photos, don’t forget to send them to everyone. Many times people will not ask for the pictures because they think you don’t have enough to go around. If you have leftovers, make a list of people you think would enjoy them. It’s always fun to watch families grow.
  6. Digital cameras. If you take lots of pictures at home, on the road, or of the kids; share them with friends and family. Email your favorite five, or send Grandma pictures of the kids opening her presents. It gives a bigger impression than just words and makes people feel like they were there.
  7. Cartoons and jokes. Everyone likes something that makes them laugh. If you see a cartoon or joke that makes you think of a particular family member or friend, cut it out and send it to them. Keep a manila envelope to store them until you’re ready to send. It’s a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.
  8. Movies. Do you know a mom who is too busy to find the time to shop for herself? Do you know a friend who loves horror movies or comedies? Purchase a movie and surprise them by mail. Or send them a home movie of the family saying hello. You can easily make copies for everyone.
  9. Calendars. Make sure you have a nice big calendar where you can see it every day. Write down a month or two ahead of time when to call someone, or a birthday reminder. Use your computer to remind you too. Take one day a month to write down your “person of the month” so you don’t forget.
  10. Newsletter. Involve the whole family and write your own monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. It will help you communicate the most important events, and friends and family alike will enjoy it. There are great templates available, just write and go.
  11. Flowers. Send a bouquet for a special occasion. They make a great Christmas gift, for birthdays, Mother’s Day and more. Try for a great fresh floral arrangement you buy online. Flowers definitely say I love you.
  12. Flash drive fun. If you’re family or friends are more computer inclined, send a flash drive full of information. You can add your favorite pictures, jokes, letters and more. Let one person keep it for a month, then send it back.

The great thing is the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Take a short movie of your snow day up north and send it to your friends in the south. Use a tape recorder to put your voice to tape and sing them a birthday song. Bring along a picture of your mom when you vacation and take a picture of you holding her picture to let her know you wish she was there. Be creative, be inventive. Above all, have fun.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Family fun and holiday tips.

Hello again everyone! I’m happy to say that though I missed writing my articles and hearing from all of you, I had a fantastic holiday week. I was lucky enough to be visited by some family members, some I hadn’t seen in a very long time and we had a blast! Talk about the brighter side of life. I love family reunions, even the small ones, and it’s so fun to have all those different personalities bumping around together. It makes some real laugh-out-loud moments.

I hope that all of you had just as much fun with your families. Since I write about fun, joy and adventure, I just couldn’t bring myself away from the excitement long enough to write more posts this past week. I did try. I sat down at the computer a few times and tried to come up with something, anything, to write about, but my mind was a blank. It just kept flashing the faces of everyone through my mind, and after a half hour or so, I decided to let it slide for the week and just enjoy myself.

One of the things I noticed most was how a little shake-up of your every day routine is good for you. Having a different change of pace either makes you appreciate your every day schedule or causes you to realize you should change it. Also, with so many people around you invariably learn new things. I got cooking tips, new recipe ideas, and enjoyed the Wii game system for the first time.

To make the most of your next holiday gathering here are a few more tips:

  1. If a particular person is rubbing you the wrong way, politely step away and find someone new. Usually you can find someone to laugh with or talk to. Once you’ve cooled off the annoying person won’t seem so bad anymore.
  2. Take pictures, or assign someone to do so. My one regret this time around was that we didn’t take enough pictures and everyone is already gone. Some people had problems with their camera or just forgot them, so planning ahead will really help. Pick a time and place and even name someone “holiday photographer extraordinaire” for great memories.
  3. Have everyone pitch in. Let each person bring a dish or two so one person doesn’t do all the cooking. Have different people set-up the table, wash the dishes, put away leftovers and clean up. These dreaded chores are much more fun with more than one person helping.
  4. Mingle more. If you can, having different areas set up for talking, watching TV and something for the kids. People tend to move around more to check on each area and it keeps conversation and interest going as people come and go.
  5. Take breaks. Sometimes you get caught up in the rushing and running around. Take breaks in the morning, afternoon or evening – whenever you can get away. Even 15 minutes that are chaos-free can help you recharge. When you feel refreshed you can enjoy all the noise and commotion more easily.

I hope you all had a great time too. I’d love to hear about the ups and downs you had as well as your own tips for a smooth and enjoyable holiday. I sometimes think of Thanksgiving Day as the initial warm-up. I’m already looking forward to Christmas. Happy holidays everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2007

We all make mistakes, and lots of them.

Always check your work by Don Nunn

This is a truth I sometimes tend to forget. Whether because I want to be as poised and confident as my friend, or as knowledgeable and brainy as a coworker. Most of us are not born as geniuses, and we have to work hard to get ahead in life. In the process, we’re going to make mistakes.

Even now, with all I know about life, I am still afraid of looking stupid in front of someone else. I guess it’s that natural tendency to criticize ourselves more than others. We can easily laugh off the goof-ups or errors of someone else, but we re-live our own blunders over and over.

It’s important for us to remember that mistakes are part of the growing process. We learn something new from every mistake we make. We stretch our limits; learn what works and what doesn’t. I remember learning to ride a two-wheel bike for the first time. I vividly recall the scrapes and bruises I got. But because I wanted that freedom so badly, I kept going. Then when I finally became great at it, I tempted fate. I rode a bike race with one of my friends and we crashed. (Big surprise right?) I ended up in the hospital that day, but that didn’t keep me off of my bike.

As an adult many of us don’t receive the support we need when learning new things. Somewhere along the way from childhood to adulthood many of us learn that we have to be the best at all costs. The next time you are trying to learn something new and messing it up, remember the bike. If it’s something you really want to do, then keep going until you get it right – the effort will be worth it!

Another important truth to remember, is that many wonderful inventions resulted purely by accident. Where one invention fails, another is born. What a wonderful idea! Now we can be the Pee-Wee Herman’s of the world and say “I meant to do that.” Call it experimentation and exploration if you want. That’s how most of us learn best. Don’t pressure yourself to get it right the first time. Let everyone know you’re searching for a better way to do things. Who knows, you just might find it.

Above all, don’t let mistakes, blunders, or slip-ups keep you from reaching your goals. Next time you mess up look around for the nearest baby. Babies learning to walk have almost as much fun falling, as they do crawling. I’ve seen many babies that would laugh like crazy when they fell on their butt, and then they’d just get back up and try again. Have fun with your screw-ups and laugh them off. You’ll feel better, and probably learn more along the way.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let out your inner peacock.

El Macho Uploaded on March 12, 2007 by ellhoisa

When I look around at nature, I see so many beautiful sights. The silver drops of rain glistening like diamonds in the sun, the emerald green grass, and the elegant white swan. I’m captivated by the songbirds who sing such beautiful songs, enchanted by the bumbling flight of the butterfly amazed at the magnificent colors of the Peacock.

Nature abounds with beauty, grace and wonder. I think all of us have the same qualities within all of us. We only need to look inside and find what makes us light up with excitement. Can we cook? Do we sing? Are we skilled with a saw and hammer? You don’t even need to quit your day job (though many of us would like to,) in order to share your happiness with others.

Print and frame family photos for a family member who doesn’t have the skill. Use your computer to make personalized greeting cards. Install a light and paint the living room for your mother. Find the skills and abilities you enjoy and use them to make memories with families or friends.

Or volunteer and share your talents with those who need it. Be a mentor for a child, read to the elderly or cook at a soup kitchen. Teach the local shelter dogs some manners, or offer to spice up the web site of your favorite charity. We all have gifts that make us smile and strut, that leave us full of happiness and satisfaction. Find that gift or ability that makes your heart happy and bring a smile to your face.

Though we sometimes forget, we are as much a part of nature as the glamorous orange and black tiger. Some of us shine brightly like a brilliant yellow rose; others are sturdy and strong as a majestic mountain. All the variety and splendor of nature resides in each and every human being.

Look inside and find the deepest and best expression of yourself and share it with everyone around you. Not only will you find joy and fulfillment in connecting to your inner self, your happiness will flow and touch others, expanding the bliss to even more people. What could be better? And to think this entire subject started with a glance at a beautiful little peacock.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In honor of World Kindness Week.

Condesa Sastago PSE Uploaded on March 22, 2007 by KaCey97007

Ever since the first time I found out there where entire web sites dedicated entirely to kindness, I’ve been entranced by them. For myself, even though I want to live a more generous, giving and kind-hearted lifestyle I often find myself lost as to where to start. Usually I start at home, giving an extra long hug, doing a chore someone else dislikes, or just sharing a smile and a compliment.

But when you want to take your kindness a step further where do you look for ideas? Time after time I turn back to the same web sites again and again. There are kindness newsletters, kindness calendars, kindness bookmarks and more. The best part is the stories that are shared. Some are everyday, ordinary kindness like holding a door open or baking cookies for work. Others are big, broad-minded, school-wide, city-wide, state-wide and even world-wide projects.

These ideas inspire me and help me think beyond my usual limits. It reminds me of the basic goodness inside each person and focuses my attention on the good deeds being down around the world by wonderful people. Kindness makes me feel good and connected to a community of people taking small steps to make the world a more beautiful place.

Here are just a few tips I’ve picked up from various sites. Try a few today and feel the joy a good deed gives you. Don’t be surprised if you become addicted to being a do-gooder.

  1. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you.
  2. Donate unwanted items to a nearby shelter.
  3. Take a friend to the movies.
  4. Leave a book at a café, bus stop or airport lounge.
  5. Buy flowers for your mom.
  6. Give your seat to an elderly person.
  7. Say hello to someone new today.
  8. Tell a friend what makes them great.
  9. Say I love you to a family member.
  10. Be a “secret Santa” for a needy family.
  11. Clip positive news stories and make an album to leave in your doctor’s office.
  12. Do some fundraising to help cure juvenile diabetes.
  13. Read to the elderly in a nursing home.
  14. Clip your favorite cartoons and share them with a niece or nephew.
  15. Give a free hug to anyone who wants one.

I’d like to give a hearty “THANK YOU!” to all my readers, old and new. I’ve truly enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. It is truly a blessing to exchange ideas, share good news, positive thoughts and fun and laughter with all of you. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I hope you’ll come back again!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Proof that age is all in your head.

My dog Precious is now 15 years old and getting older every day. Being a gray and white dog you can’t see the age on her muzzle, so her years don’t always show. However, she doesn’t hear like she used to and her joints pain her a bit, making her move slowly and walk stiffly.

Her hearing is the worst problem. She can’t hear low-pitched words like regular conversation or even yelling. She can still hear me whistle – but only if she’s paying attention. When her mind is on a scent or something intrigues her, she doesn’t notice me at all. We live in the country so this usually isn’t a problem. However the few people that drive by often do so at high speeds. Since Precious can’t hear them coming, she doesn’t know to get out of the way. I really have to keep an eye on her these days.

So here’s the interesting part. Though she moves slow and can’t hear, she has more energy than ever! I believe it’s because she saves it all up for one quick burst. She’ll sleep for hours a day, then when I go outside she’ll run around in circles and jump up and down like a new puppy! Just the other day she turned and ran down the driveway so fast it was a blur!

And don’t let those slow movements and supposed frailty fool you either. If you have a piece of chicken or cheese she can snap awake out of a deep sleep and be by your side in a heartbeat. Her nose still works perfectly fine of course. She also invariably knows when it’s time for a walk, even though the only noise is me getting the leash. And no matter how stiffly she moves in the house, once she’s out on that walk her body springs to life and she prances and dances all around, ears up and tail wagging.

That’s how I know age is all in your head. When Precious is home and sitting around with us, she’s bored. But take her for a car ride, a walk, or any of her other favorite activities and she comes alive. To me, this just proves how important it is to know what makes you happy and what activities you enjoy - - you’ll need a list to give the old folks home later so you too can feel young again too, at least from time to time. :0)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I learned from Negative Nelly.

Grumpy Bear Uploaded on January 23, 2007 by ckirkman

I have only one day left to answer the challenge from Middle Zone Musings. What have I learned from. . .anything at all? The first thing that pops into my head is all the negative people in my life, many of whom I refer to in my mind as “negative Nelly.” Over the years these people have taught me the importance of having fun, enjoying life and taking chances.

My first thought when I’m confronted by a negative, pessimistic, cynical person is to try to change them. I admit I generally still try. I try to cheer them up, find out their interests and likes; see if I can discover the passion in them. Sometimes it works and they “wake up.” Sometimes they look at me as if I’ve grown a second head.

My second thought is still “What is wrong with these people? Why can’t they enjoy the positive things in their lives and not dwell on the negative?” And my third thought is “Why do these people keep popping up in my life?”

After about 5 years of this, I’ve come to realize the reason I am still coming across so many of these people in my life is because I’m still learning from them. Each time I see a grouchy, grumpy person who looks dull and lifeless, it reminds me to have some fun, do something I enjoy, basically to make sure I don’t turn out the same way!

Sometimes they actually make me laugh out loud. I mean when you see someone so grim and serious, even at an amusement park, a busy restaurant or at the playground, you can’t help but be amused. I think I’ve learned how to be positive and upbeat enough to get these people out of my life for good, but then they just pop up again.

Luckily I can say that I’ve come a long, long way. I bounce back more quickly than I used to. I can find more things to be grateful for in one week of looking than I used to acknowledge in a whole year. I’ve found wonderful people in my personal life and on the Internet that bring joy, peace, laughter, and serenity into my life. Today there are more happy, positive people in my life than ever before.

So if I’m not yet on the verge of being a successful, motivated, happy person able to teach others how to do the same, at least I can enjoy the process and find the upside in looking at so many sourpusses day after day. I can find the light when I’m in the dark, and the sun still shines on the gloomiest day. I’m learning every day, and that’s never a bad thing.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Smile file: Quote fun

Happy animal face Uploaded on January 14, 2007 by Alicia Yeah

Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult.
(T-shirt quote)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Every day perks not to be missed.

Sunshine, lollypops Uploaded on November 7, 2007 by pinkazalea09

As you go through your day, take notice of what is happening. Don’t let opportunities for enjoyment, fun and pleasure pass you by. Be alert and aware of the short-lived joys as they happen. As you add them up you’ll feel happier and find more joy in the little things each day. (This is a great reminder for me as well).

  1. The fresh smell of clean clothes.
  2. A front-row parking space.
  3. A steaming hot shower on a cold morning.
  4. A clean kitchen.
  5. Savoring your favorite meal.
  6. The freedom owning your own car brings.
  7. Learning a new skill.
  8. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
  9. A message from a friend.
  10. Good music.
  11. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes.
  12. The smell of fresh-baked cookies.
  13. Making someone smile.
  14. Giving or getting a hug.
  15. The smell of your favorite perfume.
  16. The quiet of the neighborhood early in the morning.
  17. Green lights all the way home from work.
  18. Sunflowers and yellow daisies.
  19. A soft cuddly blanket to snuggle in.
  20. Fuzzy warm socks for your feet.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

10 unusual ways to have fun cleaning.

Picture by holliesanders

Okay we all know that most of us don’t like doing our chores. They are repetitive and boring, there are always other we’d rather be doing. So in an effort to make the drudgery a bit more palatable, here are a few unusual ideas on how to have a little fun while you work.

  1. Dance while you work. Make up your own dance moves in the privacy of your own home. Most of like dancing but we have no time to practice. Warning: This can be highly addictive; don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing in the stores to the overhead music.
  2. Read. If you never have time to read, try listening to an audio book each night as you make dinner, wash dishes or pick up.
  3. Race yourself. Time yourself to see how fast you can complete your chores. Try to set a goal that’s faster than usual but not so fast you don’t do the job properly. Reward yourself if you can do it faster for a week by purchasing a small gift for yourself.
  4. Talk to friends and family. If you never have time to call people you want to talk to, try to do it while you do your weekly cleaning. Put on the headset that came with your cell phone and get two things done at once.
  5. Watch a movie. Do you have a few favorite movies that you know almost every line word for word? Put one of them on while you exercise or dust. Even if you miss a few moments you’ll know exactly what’s going on.
  6. Make faces at yourself. I’ve done this one as well. Sometimes you just don’t want to do those chores. Maybe you’re tired, or had a frustrating day. Whatever the reason, look in the mirror and make the grumpiest, grouchiest face you can think of. Do this every time you pass a mirror. You’ll find yourself giggling and chuckling at your own silliness and soon your bad mood will be gone.
  7. Pretend. Imagine you are a fairy princess being kept as a slave by an evil sorcerer. You must get everything spotless or he will destroy your family and the man you love. Sure it’s silly, but sometimes a little imagination goes a long way. (You could also imagine the look on your mother-in-law’s face when she can’t find a hair out of place on her next visit.)
  8. Music. Put on some of your favorite CD’s or a favorite radio station. I did this just the other day with my MP3 player and was amazed at how fast I finished everything. I didn’t get to all the songs I wanted to.
  9. Aroma therapy. I have noticed that when I use products with a citrus smell such as orange or lemon I like the smell and enjoy using it more. I used to have a Rainbow vacuum that used water and you could put in different scents to fill the air as you vacuumed. Using more natural products or at least ones that smell good can make your cleaning chore more pleasant.
  10. Bless your things. This is a great gratitude exercise. As you wash your favorite glass, put your favorite sheets on the bed, or mop your new tile floor, notice what you are doing. Give thanks for the wonderful things you have and the beauty and joy they give you daily.

While not every idea will work for every person, I hope this will give you something to work with. If you have an idea you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Be more generous without spending a dime.

Loose change Uploaded on October 30, 2007 by asilva

I have to admit, I don’t think of myself as a generous person. I tend to horde things I love; books, toys, pens, quotes and most of all money. One of my goals is to be more generous and giving. To stop keeping all the cookies and chocolate to myself, but rather to share it with friends and coworkers. To give away books I’m done reading to others who might enjoy them. To return to those kindergarten lessons we learned so long ago: share, be nice, and treat others are you would want to be treated.

While I may not be as generous as I'd like, I try to share my time and skills with others whenever I can. If I can fix a computer problem for someone who is new, or do an errand to help a busy friend, I’m glad to do it. I love to point someone in the direction of a good restaurant, mechanic or store sale whenever I get the chance. Finding that hard-to-get toy for a niece or nephew is an adventure and long lines and busy stores do not deter my determination.

So why do I feel uncharitable and stingy? One reason is reading kindness web sites, biographies of great people, and self-help books. These stories of people who literally give away their last dollar and the shirt off their back fill me with inspiration and hope, but also a vague sense of guilt.

I resolve to make a plan to share my own type of generosity. As I’ve received kindness newsletters and surfed the Internet for ideas, I’ve come across many easy-to-do and cheap projects. One of my favorites was to put all your extra loose change into the candy, toy and gumball machines in a busy Wal-Mart for children to find and use. I remember as a child wanting one of those trinkets with great longing. This is an example of something that is easy to do, fun, and that will make me smile even if I’m not there to see the results.

Start today making your plan to be more generous. Don’t stick to only the conventional examples of giving gifts or money. Generously give the prime front parking space to the elderly person across from you. Donate your time to baby-sit for a busy family, offer to carpool with a coworker who doesn’t like to drive. Let the mother with three children plus a crying baby ahead of you at the checkout line. Join me in redefining what generosity is. Share kindness, share joy. Share a smile and make the world a better place without spending a dime.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cartoon theme song fun.

During Halloween I enjoyed several fun theme songs like Ghostbusters, Friday the 13th, and of course Scooby Doo. So of course I started thinking about Saturday morning cartoon theme songs. My husband and I both remember a lot of them, (they really stick in your mind). The fun of theme songs is they’re short, to the point and upbeat. They’re easy to remember even after years and years.

Coincidentally I saw a commercial for the new Bee Movie coming out. Jerry Seinfeld was doing a spot where he was talking to the crew about a theme song for the movie. He did a whole rendition of the theme song for Super Chicken. It was so funny! Especially when he said that nobody remembers the cartoon, but everyone knows the theme song. It’s totally true. (Although on the commercial his singing was met with blank stares.)

Recently I came across a great web site that has many different theme songs categorized for your enjoyment. They have TV shows, Saturday morning cartoons and more. Take a gander on the main web page, they have a huge selection to choose from. Here are some of my favorites:

George of the Jungle
Mighty Mouse
Super Chicken
Scooby Doo
Banana Splits

What were your favorites?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun with trees.

Treehouse from below Uploaded on September 5, 2004 by D'Arcy Norman

As I watch the last of the trees lose their leaves this fall, I think about how I’ve always loved the beauty and majesty of trees. When I was little I used to climb like a monkey (and I hardly ever fell – luckily). I vividly remember climbing to the top of a really tall pine in the woods by my home. From there you could see past our neighborhood and the next one, all the way out to the highway. I felt like a queen surveying her kingdom.

Who doesn’t enjoy a shady tree on a hot day, a delicious apple or pear or the fireworks of color during autumn? So I’d like to share how much fun trees add to our life everyday.

  1. Designer trees. We can clip, shape and grow our trees in an infinite number of sizes, designs and colors. Check out some wonderful ideas here.
  2. Tire swing. How many of us had a tree swing of some kind when we were little? Doesn’t just the thought of it make you smile?
  3. Hammock. Sunday afternoons wouldn’t be the same without a trusty tree or two to shelter us and provide a strong foundation to hold us up while we read, nap or daydream in comfort.
  4. Wood floors and banisters. Okay I bet right now you’re thinking how much you’d love to go home, take off your shoes and slip across the freshly waxed floor, or slid down the banister. I’m smiling right now as I remember how many times I did it as a kid.
  5. Leaf piles. Raking might be a boring job, but jumping into a soft pile of leaves is worth the effort! Hide and scare the dog (or your brother), or stuff some orange plastic bags to make giant leaf-filled pumpkins.
  6. Tree house. Oh how I want one of my own! I love seeing the designer tree houses on TV. There’s something about being up high, hidden among the leaves that is like having your own personal sanctuary.
  7. Rocking chairs. Mmmm, just thinking about that makes me want to sit down and take a load off. That rocking motion is so soothing – just ask any baby!

Well, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are a million other fun uses for trees. So next time you pass one, stop for a second and send a silent bit of thanks for the wonder and beauty of that ordinary tree.