Thursday, October 4, 2007

Watch what you say.

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Your words have power. What are yours saying? Do you speak with energy, enthusiasm, appreciation and love? It is often hard to do, but the rewards are immense. Being kind with your words, being clear in your speech, and patiently listening to the other person are reflections of a confident, respectful person. The kind of person I want myself to be. I frequently fall short of this goal by saying things without thinking, but I am working to improve.

Every day we interact with other people. We have repeated chances to be share good news, compliments, funny stories and add joy to our speech. We have the opportunity to listen and understand, and to learn about each other. I find that when I understand someone, I am usually better able to talk to them on their wavelength and get a positive result in return. Certainly this is hard to do, with all the distractions of a busy work environment, and constant interruptions, but since it works so well, it’s worth trying when you get the chance.

I would dearly love to give you wonderful tools and techniques to accomplish all of this, but all I have is my own experience. I often forget the power of my words, and utter mundane, dull or brainless things. How many times have I let my mood affect my words? When I don’t feel well, if I’ve had a bad day, I snap and growl at people around me. Later I feel guilty for starting a fight or hurting someone just to release some of my own pain.

I’m not a professional speaker, but hopefully I can share a few tips to help you pay attention to your words and your intention. One way is to acknowledge what you are feeling. I often write a description of my emotions and state of mind. Just writing it down helps me to see it for what it is – justified anger, irrational anger, job stress, or lack of energy. Once I’ve done that I can take action. Make a plan to talk with someone about the issue, take a break to re-set my mind from a bad day, or eat something so I’m energized.

It may seem so simple to do, but when you’re tired, over-worked, or distracted it can be the hardest thing to remember. Other solutions are to count to ten before speaking, or simply say “You might be right.” Both are hard to do in the heat of the moment, but don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice. (I know I do.) By simply thinking more about what you are saying, you are less likely to lash-out or verbally attack someone. Speaking in a more loving and positive tone will make your day more pleasant and keep you in a good frame of mind. Just as “you are what you eat,” you are also what you speak.

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