Monday, October 1, 2007

10 cheap ways to have fun.

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I’m always looking for ideas to have fun that are easy, inexpensive and of course fun, fun, fun. Here are a few I’ve tried myself. . .

  1. Rent some videos and invite 5 friends to join you. It’s cheap, easy, and it’s always more fun to watch with friends than all alone. How about some popcorn or chocolate covered peanuts too?
  2. If you own a pool, have a pool party. If not, how about a sprinkler party? Or have a water-balloon blast or a squirt-gun war. Cool off, be silly and enjoy yourself.
  3. Visit a local or state park. Have a picnic, hike a wooded trail, swing at the free playground, bird watch, fish or play at the beach. There lots to do if you just look for it.
  4. Get a library card – it’s not just for books anymore. Borrow music and movies or surf the Internet. All for free! Now that’s a deal.
  5. Bargain shop. Visit flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores or even Ebay. Find your favorite movie or TV character, a playful poster or a funny movie to watch. There’s something for everyone.
  6. Explore. Visit the monkeys at the zoo, touch everything at the Hands-On Museum, or watch a historical reenactment. Look at your local calendar of events for new ideas.
  7. Play. Visit a mini-golf course, go bowling, roller-skate, or go for a bike ride. Go for a perfect score, see if you can beat your last record, or just try something you’ve never done before.
  8. Volunteer. Join a clown troupe and visit the sick, walk dogs at the local humane society. Be a big brother or sister for the United Way. Use your interests to help someone who needs it. (I’ve done 2 out of 3 myself.)
  9. Do some crafts. Paint a rock welcome sign for your porch, plant a flower garden, or use family photos to make a calendar gift for Christmas.
  10. Plan a potluck party. Have an ice-cream social, Italian night or soup & salad bonanza. Pick a style of food you and your friends like and have everyone bring a dish. Food and fun go hand-to-mouth. :0)

Bonus ideas:

  • Put a tutu on your dog and take him for a walk.
  • Find the perfect joke then secretly tape your mom’s snort of laughter.
  • Host a juggling lesson for people who have never tried it.
  • Invite your grandmother to a hula-hoop competition.
  • Give out bubbles, silly string or balloons at your next party.
  • Play laundry basket-ball with a Nerf ball.
  • Have a dance contest where you invent your own dance moves.


Clubbs said...

Love your suggestions. Ah, movie nights. In college/grad school, that was certainly a stand-by. With my kids, we are all about going to the park or the library when we need some fun out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Nice suggestions. You need some for apartment dwellers! I like the one about a tutu on the dog, don't
know if he'd like it though....

funspirit said...

Thanks for the comment. I haven't actually tried the tutu yet, but it's still a great idea! :0)

As for apartment ideas, I'll have to work on that one. . .