Monday, October 8, 2007

See it as already broken.

I just broke my favorite mug Uploaded on June 8, 2006 by berbercarpet

We all have trouble with attachment. We have things we love, maybe a chair, a beautiful picture, or a favorite drinking glass. This teaching from Buddhist thinking helps us to see our favorite things are already broken, or already gone. The purpose of this is not only to keep us from taken our possessions for granted, but also to prepare for their eventual ruin.

Most of us go through our days without really perceiving all that we have. We don’t appreciate how soft our blanket is, the taste of our dinner, or the beauty of the art on our walls. Our mind is too full of work, chores, planning and thinking to leave room for awareness. The advantage of seeing these things as already broken is that we appreciate it now, while it is whole and useful.

Take a look around and notice the things you love - your baby’s 1st birthday photo, your favorite NFL team clock, your TV and computer. How about your favorite comfy jeans, your CD and DVD collection, or even your preferred brand of potato chip. Just take a moment to enjoy the fact that you have them. Noticing and appreciating all you already have will make your life seem fuller. You’ll want less because you’ll realize how much you already have.

Now prepare yourself for the day it’s gone. Maybe you have a fire or a water leak. Perhaps someone breaks into your home and steals it. Possibly your child or dog breaks something by accident. Recognize that nothing is indestructible. Knowing that, you can prepare yourself for life’s eventual mishaps. The chance of losing something you love will help you relish and savor it right now. Then if it does eventually disappear you will have many more happy memories to cherish.

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