Friday, October 19, 2007

Freaky Friday Fun - Why evil is so gosh-darned fun!

Thanos by Corvusonline.

Halloween is almost here, and with the temperatures dropping and darkness creeping in earlier each night, one is drawn into the web of mystery and terror that is evil. Not evil as in real-life bad guys out to get you (think IRS agents and the cable company), but those deliciously naughty men who revel in telling it like it is, with no B/S or politically correct nonsense.

Movie and book villains are so wonderfully appalling because they are so utterly different from anything we know in our daily lives (thank goodness). They break numerous laws without getting caught, and wear the most bizarre clothing and accessories ever seen. These guys plot and plan with such intensity they could have been millionaires ten times over if only they had applied their genius to another field.

Bad guys attract us with their superior confidence and then keep us captive with ropes, chains or laser-tracking guns aimed at our heads. They show us the extreme opposite of good and by doing so allow us to forgive our own blunders and mistakes and those of others. What’s a forgotten birthday card compared to destroying the planet with a plague of zombies intent on eating our brains?

So You’ve Decided to be Evil is a hilarious romp through the minds of madmen of every type and variety. Based on Neil Zawacki’s great book (which I own); How to be a Villain: Evil Laughs, Secret Lairs, Master Plans, and More! With its eye-opening sections such as “The Forces of Darkness,” where you quiz yourself on your evil tendencies and find out how to choose your own nefarious nickname, this site is a must-read.

If you’ve ever wondered how ruthless criminal masterminds get there start, you’ll find this site to be very revealing. Don’t miss “Fashion for the Evil Doer,” and of course “Careers for the Evil Doer,” will get you started with job opportunities. This enlightening guide to the odd and bizarre world of evil masterminds and dark overlords will have you guffawing and grinning in minutes. Check it out today!

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