Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Fun is great.

I used to subscribe to Family Fun magazine even though I don’t have any children of my own. I started using it when I was a “Big Sister” in United Way’s Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization. It was also great for ideas on how to entertain my nieces and nephews when they visited.

Recently while in a dentist’s waiting room, I picked up another issue to pass the time. And I found out it’s still as great as ever. Packed full of craft projects, kid-friendly recipes, book reviews, it’s a great read. Some of the ideas I noticed where the summer snapshot shirt which gave step-by-step instructions to record your summer fun on a t-shirt. Another great idea is their amusement park updates that list the newest and coolest rides and include park prices.

Reading magazines like this is great inspiration for fun ideas and new things to do. Perfect for families, craft groups, girl scouts, or just those looking for a new adventure. The web site is currently running an ad for 74% off subscription price, so this is a deal you shouldn’t pass up. Check it out today!

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Clubbs said...

We love this magazine at our house! In fact, we planned a whole summer vacation based on a recommendation out of there. They always have great tips for fun stuff.