Thursday, October 11, 2007

Be creative and break the rules.

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I used to believe that being creative meant being a famous artist, a musical composer or even a movie director. Now I understand that anyone who does something in a new way, or even views the world differently is creative. The mother sewing a Halloween costume for her child, the would-be inventor with his drawings and software programs, or the sister blessed with a knack for floral arranging are all creative.

The Internet has been a fascinating medium to display and promote so many highly innovative artists. Some of my favorites have been the hyper-realistic sculptures of Ron Mueck, the teeny tiny art on a pinhead from Willard Wigan and the driftwood horses of Heather Jansch. These unique and imaginative artists inspire us with their dedication to detail and distinctive designs.

The great thing about being creative is that you get to break all the rules. Color outside the lines; make the grass purple and the sky red. It’s your individual vision. Use clay, crayons, copper wire, or old forks. Make artwork so small it has to be viewed under a microscope, or give new life to dead, dried up pieces of wood. Your masterpiece is up to you. Construct whatever distinctive and extraordinary visions your mind can come up with. You get to decide. Experiment and try something new. You never know what you’ll discover.

As always, I have a few more lovely web sites to share the joy of creativity with you. These will stimulate your brain cells and get you thinking:

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