Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I want to be a dreamer and a silly-heart.

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One of my favorite funny movies is Uncle Buck. Childish, irresponsible Buck Russell is asked to take care of his nieces and nephew while his brother attends a funeral. One of my favorite scenes is when Uncle Buck is talking to 6 year-old Maizy’s school principle. She tells him that “She is a dreamer and a silly-heart. I doubt she takes one thing in her career at this school seriously.”

Like Buck, I don’t want to see any “serious” 6 year-olds. The joy of childhood is short and too easily forgotten. The playfulness, their open attitude, a willingness to see the good in people and enjoy the moment are hallmarks of the young. Too many adults have forgotten they were ever children at all. Indeed, some of them are so severe and close-minded I wonder if they were ever young.

Let’s not let the magic of childhood disappear. Our imaginations are one of our most important skills. Lack of imagination means fewer new ideas, repeating the same mistakes over again and leads to a dull mind. Daydreams let us “play” inside our heads where no one else can intrude. We can have a mini vacation in the Caribbean or invent a car that can drive itself. All it takes is a willingness to be a little silly.

Instead of believing it when we see it, we can believe it and then see it. It gives us the advantage on our competition because our life view helps us see things that others wouldn’t. Two people looking at the exact same scene see two totally different things. It could help you design a new product, start your own company, or write the next best-selling novel. You’ll never know unless you try. So start dreaming today!

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