Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In honor of World Kindness Week.

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Ever since the first time I found out there where entire web sites dedicated entirely to kindness, I’ve been entranced by them. For myself, even though I want to live a more generous, giving and kind-hearted lifestyle I often find myself lost as to where to start. Usually I start at home, giving an extra long hug, doing a chore someone else dislikes, or just sharing a smile and a compliment.

But when you want to take your kindness a step further where do you look for ideas? Time after time I turn back to the same web sites again and again. There are kindness newsletters, kindness calendars, kindness bookmarks and more. The best part is the stories that are shared. Some are everyday, ordinary kindness like holding a door open or baking cookies for work. Others are big, broad-minded, school-wide, city-wide, state-wide and even world-wide projects.

These ideas inspire me and help me think beyond my usual limits. It reminds me of the basic goodness inside each person and focuses my attention on the good deeds being down around the world by wonderful people. Kindness makes me feel good and connected to a community of people taking small steps to make the world a more beautiful place.

Here are just a few tips I’ve picked up from various sites. Try a few today and feel the joy a good deed gives you. Don’t be surprised if you become addicted to being a do-gooder.

  1. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you.
  2. Donate unwanted items to a nearby shelter.
  3. Take a friend to the movies.
  4. Leave a book at a café, bus stop or airport lounge.
  5. Buy flowers for your mom.
  6. Give your seat to an elderly person.
  7. Say hello to someone new today.
  8. Tell a friend what makes them great.
  9. Say I love you to a family member.
  10. Be a “secret Santa” for a needy family.
  11. Clip positive news stories and make an album to leave in your doctor’s office.
  12. Do some fundraising to help cure juvenile diabetes.
  13. Read to the elderly in a nursing home.
  14. Clip your favorite cartoons and share them with a niece or nephew.
  15. Give a free hug to anyone who wants one.

I’d like to give a hearty “THANK YOU!” to all my readers, old and new. I’ve truly enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. It is truly a blessing to exchange ideas, share good news, positive thoughts and fun and laughter with all of you. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I hope you’ll come back again!

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bob said...

And thank YOU for always posting such positive and fun stuff for me to read! Loving it!