Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun with trees.

Treehouse from below Uploaded on September 5, 2004 by D'Arcy Norman

As I watch the last of the trees lose their leaves this fall, I think about how I’ve always loved the beauty and majesty of trees. When I was little I used to climb like a monkey (and I hardly ever fell – luckily). I vividly remember climbing to the top of a really tall pine in the woods by my home. From there you could see past our neighborhood and the next one, all the way out to the highway. I felt like a queen surveying her kingdom.

Who doesn’t enjoy a shady tree on a hot day, a delicious apple or pear or the fireworks of color during autumn? So I’d like to share how much fun trees add to our life everyday.

  1. Designer trees. We can clip, shape and grow our trees in an infinite number of sizes, designs and colors. Check out some wonderful ideas here.
  2. Tire swing. How many of us had a tree swing of some kind when we were little? Doesn’t just the thought of it make you smile?
  3. Hammock. Sunday afternoons wouldn’t be the same without a trusty tree or two to shelter us and provide a strong foundation to hold us up while we read, nap or daydream in comfort.
  4. Wood floors and banisters. Okay I bet right now you’re thinking how much you’d love to go home, take off your shoes and slip across the freshly waxed floor, or slid down the banister. I’m smiling right now as I remember how many times I did it as a kid.
  5. Leaf piles. Raking might be a boring job, but jumping into a soft pile of leaves is worth the effort! Hide and scare the dog (or your brother), or stuff some orange plastic bags to make giant leaf-filled pumpkins.
  6. Tree house. Oh how I want one of my own! I love seeing the designer tree houses on TV. There’s something about being up high, hidden among the leaves that is like having your own personal sanctuary.
  7. Rocking chairs. Mmmm, just thinking about that makes me want to sit down and take a load off. That rocking motion is so soothing – just ask any baby!

Well, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are a million other fun uses for trees. So next time you pass one, stop for a second and send a silent bit of thanks for the wonder and beauty of that ordinary tree.

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