Thursday, November 8, 2007

Every day perks not to be missed.

Sunshine, lollypops Uploaded on November 7, 2007 by pinkazalea09

As you go through your day, take notice of what is happening. Don’t let opportunities for enjoyment, fun and pleasure pass you by. Be alert and aware of the short-lived joys as they happen. As you add them up you’ll feel happier and find more joy in the little things each day. (This is a great reminder for me as well).

  1. The fresh smell of clean clothes.
  2. A front-row parking space.
  3. A steaming hot shower on a cold morning.
  4. A clean kitchen.
  5. Savoring your favorite meal.
  6. The freedom owning your own car brings.
  7. Learning a new skill.
  8. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
  9. A message from a friend.
  10. Good music.
  11. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes.
  12. The smell of fresh-baked cookies.
  13. Making someone smile.
  14. Giving or getting a hug.
  15. The smell of your favorite perfume.
  16. The quiet of the neighborhood early in the morning.
  17. Green lights all the way home from work.
  18. Sunflowers and yellow daisies.
  19. A soft cuddly blanket to snuggle in.
  20. Fuzzy warm socks for your feet.


Ema said...

hee hee
That's my photo you used in your blog entry :)
I took it at the conservatory on my university's campus

funspirit said...

Thanks for the pic Ema! Hope you liked the post. :0)

Ema said...

I sure did :)