Monday, November 12, 2007

Proof that age is all in your head.

My dog Precious is now 15 years old and getting older every day. Being a gray and white dog you can’t see the age on her muzzle, so her years don’t always show. However, she doesn’t hear like she used to and her joints pain her a bit, making her move slowly and walk stiffly.

Her hearing is the worst problem. She can’t hear low-pitched words like regular conversation or even yelling. She can still hear me whistle – but only if she’s paying attention. When her mind is on a scent or something intrigues her, she doesn’t notice me at all. We live in the country so this usually isn’t a problem. However the few people that drive by often do so at high speeds. Since Precious can’t hear them coming, she doesn’t know to get out of the way. I really have to keep an eye on her these days.

So here’s the interesting part. Though she moves slow and can’t hear, she has more energy than ever! I believe it’s because she saves it all up for one quick burst. She’ll sleep for hours a day, then when I go outside she’ll run around in circles and jump up and down like a new puppy! Just the other day she turned and ran down the driveway so fast it was a blur!

And don’t let those slow movements and supposed frailty fool you either. If you have a piece of chicken or cheese she can snap awake out of a deep sleep and be by your side in a heartbeat. Her nose still works perfectly fine of course. She also invariably knows when it’s time for a walk, even though the only noise is me getting the leash. And no matter how stiffly she moves in the house, once she’s out on that walk her body springs to life and she prances and dances all around, ears up and tail wagging.

That’s how I know age is all in your head. When Precious is home and sitting around with us, she’s bored. But take her for a car ride, a walk, or any of her other favorite activities and she comes alive. To me, this just proves how important it is to know what makes you happy and what activities you enjoy - - you’ll need a list to give the old folks home later so you too can feel young again too, at least from time to time. :0)

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