Saturday, November 24, 2007

Family fun and holiday tips.

Hello again everyone! I’m happy to say that though I missed writing my articles and hearing from all of you, I had a fantastic holiday week. I was lucky enough to be visited by some family members, some I hadn’t seen in a very long time and we had a blast! Talk about the brighter side of life. I love family reunions, even the small ones, and it’s so fun to have all those different personalities bumping around together. It makes some real laugh-out-loud moments.

I hope that all of you had just as much fun with your families. Since I write about fun, joy and adventure, I just couldn’t bring myself away from the excitement long enough to write more posts this past week. I did try. I sat down at the computer a few times and tried to come up with something, anything, to write about, but my mind was a blank. It just kept flashing the faces of everyone through my mind, and after a half hour or so, I decided to let it slide for the week and just enjoy myself.

One of the things I noticed most was how a little shake-up of your every day routine is good for you. Having a different change of pace either makes you appreciate your every day schedule or causes you to realize you should change it. Also, with so many people around you invariably learn new things. I got cooking tips, new recipe ideas, and enjoyed the Wii game system for the first time.

To make the most of your next holiday gathering here are a few more tips:

  1. If a particular person is rubbing you the wrong way, politely step away and find someone new. Usually you can find someone to laugh with or talk to. Once you’ve cooled off the annoying person won’t seem so bad anymore.
  2. Take pictures, or assign someone to do so. My one regret this time around was that we didn’t take enough pictures and everyone is already gone. Some people had problems with their camera or just forgot them, so planning ahead will really help. Pick a time and place and even name someone “holiday photographer extraordinaire” for great memories.
  3. Have everyone pitch in. Let each person bring a dish or two so one person doesn’t do all the cooking. Have different people set-up the table, wash the dishes, put away leftovers and clean up. These dreaded chores are much more fun with more than one person helping.
  4. Mingle more. If you can, having different areas set up for talking, watching TV and something for the kids. People tend to move around more to check on each area and it keeps conversation and interest going as people come and go.
  5. Take breaks. Sometimes you get caught up in the rushing and running around. Take breaks in the morning, afternoon or evening – whenever you can get away. Even 15 minutes that are chaos-free can help you recharge. When you feel refreshed you can enjoy all the noise and commotion more easily.

I hope you all had a great time too. I’d love to hear about the ups and downs you had as well as your own tips for a smooth and enjoyable holiday. I sometimes think of Thanksgiving Day as the initial warm-up. I’m already looking forward to Christmas. Happy holidays everyone!

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