Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Beauty of Silence

Meditation by HaPe_Gera

I have recently rediscovered the full power and beauty of silence. That wonderful, glorious feeling of calm and clarity, brought to your mind in just a few golden moments of total and complete silence. Time to oneself to think, to relax, to heal. No voices talking, no ringing phones, honking horns, no sirens or alarms. Just the gentle sound of nothing at all.

Over the last several months I have been away attending to a family emergency. During that time, noise and chaos were everywhere. The phone rang nonstop with concerned family members, and doctors calling with news of changing conditions. Errands were filled with squealing tires, angry beeping horns and blaring radios.

It all left little to no time for quiet and rest. Worries and household tasks took up the majority of each day. The heavy responsibilities took away all chance for peaceful reflection. There was only the constant demand of just one more thing that needed doing, one last job to do before bed.

In the week since I’ve been home, I’ve gradually begun to slow down and relax. As finances, bills and mail have finally been completed, my thoughts begin to still enough for me to once again think of meditation and relaxation.

Take it from me; there is no bliss in the world like the sound of silence. Just taking a half hour to close the bedroom door, lie on the bed and listen to . . . nothing. Of course as any meditator knows, sounds will still intrude, but how wonderful to hear the birds chirping outside, or the steady, reassuring hum of the refrigerator. How fantastic to listen to the sedate sounds of your beating heart and to notice the feel of the air moving in and out of your lungs.

Silent, tranquil, soothing quiet is a balm to the soul. It uplifts and strengthens the spirit while it soothes and comforts the mind. I heartily recommend taking 15 minutes – try it right now. Let the peaceful feelings of warmth fill your heart and mind, giving you much-need relief. I’m sure you’ll find the time highly worthwhile.

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