Monday, May 26, 2008

Believing in Yourself Against the Odds.

Mountain climbing by farfuglinn

Like Indian Jones on a quest to find the Holy Grail, there are times when all of us must find the strength to believe in ourselves, even when the world tells us we are foolish. For most of us, those times occur when what we seek seems like a fairytale or some fantasy too good to be true.

Often it is hard for us to find the resolve to stand firm against the tales of woe told by the naysayers that surround us. They may even have hard evidence that proves that what we dream of having is hard to obtain, or possibly unreachable. Yet every year, scientists find cures for diseases that were thought previously fatal. Artists create masterpieces never seen before; full of new creativity and insight. And inventions are produced that make that revolutionize our lives, making chores easier and more enjoyable.

The trouble with having faith in yourself, is that there is no proof you will ever achieve your goal. Instead you must trust that your hard work, determination and the life experiences that have led you on this path. You must close your ears to criticism while opening your eyes to seeing new possibilities.

I can’t promise you that belief alone is enough to make your dreams come true. But I can tell you that without the conviction and perseverance to try, nothing at all will happen. Like the great philosophers, inventors, scientists and poets of the past, your insight and understanding of the world is unique. Think where the world would be had not the wise minds of the past been willing to stand up to the inevitable criticism and scorn that came their way.

Belief in yourself is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Even if you fail to reach your dreams, you will still raise yourself higher for trying. Your efforts will be rewarded with new knowledge and skills. And you will receive immense satisfaction in simply doing your best, whatever the outcome. Try it for yourself.

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