Monday, May 12, 2008

What Do You love?

Balloons by Crystl

There are so many things I absolutely adore! Anything from visiting an amusement park and scaring myself silly on a roller-coaster, to watching butterflies bumble around on a sunny day. I love my family, and spending time with all my nieces and nephews. I love eating chocolate, rocking out to the radio, reading books of every kind and taking a long, hot shower when I’m cold.

I love the Internet, connecting with people and ideas all over the globe. I love technology, from computers and cell phones to the latest video games. I love going to the movies with that gigantic picture and all the popcorn you can eat. I love fireworks on 4th of July, snow at Christmas and play in the water in the hot summer sun.

The great thing about love is that when you express your joy and excitement to others, you get to share your passions and then your love grows even bigger. And, the more you think about the things you love, the more happiness you feel. Remembering times of delight and bliss lets you experience what you love over and over again.

Love means pleasure, satisfaction, energy, exhilaration, and cheerfulness. It’s important to know what you love so that you can eliminate things you don’t enjoy to make room for fun, laughter and light-heartedness. If you don’t know what makes your heart smile and your eyes bright, now is the time to start your list.

Here are a few ways you can start your list:

  • Think back to experiences where you felt peaceful, full of energy, and bubbly. Write down what you were doing that made you feel that way.
  • Look through a magazine at only the pictures. When you see something that makes you laugh or smile, cut it out. Add those activities to your list.
  • Brainstorm ideas, places and things that could make you happy.

More things I love are; the smell of freshly cut grass, balloons of all sorts, new sheets for my bed, extra-long hugs, learning about history, the wind singing through the leaves, the color purple, and drives through the country. How about you?

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