Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Great Ways to do Absolutely Nothing.

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Today was one of those days when I just couldn’t come up with a great, insightful article. I tried all my usual ideas to spark some creativity, but nothing happened. Then, during a few moments writing for my other blog “BrightDays,” I came across a great idea. Like my friend Peter Gibbons from Office Space, I thought it might be a fantastic time to write about. . .nothing at all.

Some people have absolutely no skill in doing nothing; they can’t handle the challenge. Others, like the friend mentioned above, get a little divine intervention and pick it up all too easily. I figure I fall somewhere in between, so this shouldn’t be that hard of an article to write.

So here are 10 ideas to help you chill-out, sit back and take a load off. I would say a little lesson in relaxation is good for body and mind. Let’s see if you agree.

  1. Stop working. This is hard for some people. Without work they feel powerless and awkward. There is a cure for this – it’s called a vacation. If all your friends are also coworkers, you know you stand in this category.
  2. Throw out the rules. Get rid of your to-do list, your never-ending chores, and say no to today’s social events. Dispose of the “have-to’s” and give yourself permission to enjoy the process. Take a deep breath and smile.
  3. Sit down and get comfy. If you walk in your house and chores jump out at you from every area of your home, you may need step two. Find a soft, plump cushioned chair and plop yourself into it. Now stay there. If you need to, close your eyes to block out your surroundings to help you stay seated.
  4. Let your mind wander. Many people don’t know that one secret to creativity and innovation is the ability to allow ourselves to relax enough to daydream. Many scientists experience breakthroughs using this method, and a number of inventors would be out of work without a little mind trip now and then.
  5. Cut off communication. Another key to doing nothing is removing yourself from availability to those who would otherwise occupy your time. Turn off the cell phone and let voice mail pick up. Turn off the TV and throw your newspaper away so they don’t distract you from your leisure.
  6. Take a nap. One of the best ways to quickly ensure total lack of movement is a good hearty nap. Watch a kindergartener, they can teach you the basics. Just find a snuggly spot, turn out the lights and let yourself unwind mentally and physically.
  7. Cloud watch. A great way to slow down is to visit nature. When you lie back on the soft, velvety grass and watch passing clouds you can enjoy the feeling of tranquility and serenity from knowing you have absolutely nothing better to do. Enjoy.
  8. Put your feet up. When you are ready to unwind, this simple idea can be a great starting point. The simple act of elevating your feet, tells your body and mind that you are now ready to loosen up. Plus it’s now harder for you to jump back into action.
  9. Clear your mind. Sounds easy, but the trouble is, to have a clear mind, you must have zilch in it. Easier said than done. Settle in and see the plain black wall of emptiness. If thoughts rush in to fill the void, gently set them aside. Keep at it until you are free, floating in a sea of stillness.
  10. Let go of . . .everything. Often we get caught up in the importance of our everyday lives, and we forget there is also value in simple letting go. By releasing our fears, worries, complaints, and concerns we are open and calm. We are ready for something new and even better to appear.

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