Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Do-Over.

Happy New Year by Mykl Roventine

It’s coming! It’s almost here! That special, wonderful day when we get a chance to right the wrongs and fix our mistakes – instantly. New Year’s Day is our “do-over,” day. That chance we had as kids when we made an easy mistake and messed up before we even got started. We’d just shout out “Do Over,” and viola – like magic our mistakes were forgiven and we had a chance for a fresh start.

Our do-over, could range from anything as simple as trashing a bad drawing to re-starting a friendship. No matter how badly we screwed up, we could claim these golden words, and begin again. Do-over’s were a magical, mystical method of fixing anything, at any time, for any reason. Like wiping the chalkboard clean and starting a new problem, “do-over” offered endless possibilities and chances for corrections.

We didn’t learn that “do-over” wasn’t a valid method of fixing errors until we got older and learned that other people could hit a baseball on the first try, or color a picture perfectly within the lines without needing a chance to redo it. We learned that we should be better, faster, quicker and smarter on the first try – without the need to practice first or fix anything.

The problem with this of course, is that it’s completely unrealistic. We’re not all great dancers, talented athletes, or even good readers on our first try. We need help, practice, and a chance to keep trying until we get it right. Or at least to do it better. Do-over is that magic method we need. A chance to work on our flaws, missteps, bloopers and blunders. An opportunity to fix things to the way we’d like them to be.

This year, don’t dread your New Year’s Resolutions and waste time worrying about past mistakes. Instead, imagine how you could do it differently. Create a new mindset and a new idea of yourself. Don’t let current trends and fads guide you. Envision the new you – and then work to make it reality. Just do-it-over.

Work with your strengths. Focusing on your flaws doesn’t make them disappear, and sometimes just makes you feel worse about yourself. If you’re not a morning person and have no energy to get up, no amount of coercion is going to make you a jump out of bed with a smile at 6 a.m. Instead, use that evening energy to get as much done for the next day as possible; make your lunch, pick out your clothes, put your shoes, keys, wallet and ID badge by the door. Make it as easy as possible to start the day off right.

Do-over your idea of yourself. Instead of seeing someone who doesn’t like to exercise, discover the person who loves to use their workout to catch up on the news or favorite sports show. Do-over your ideas about how things have to be done, and try a new way of living. Don’t like the drive to work? Get a satellite radio to make it more enjoyable. Use a tape recorder to brainstorm ideas for your new project. Or train your mind – mull over brain teasers or practice tongue twisters on your way to work. You’ll arrive alert and relaxed.

Above all, remember that whatever mistakes you made yesterday, whatever you messed up, today is a day full of new beginnings and fresh starts. Every day can be a “do-over” day if you need it to be. When you put forth the effort, you will see results. So what will you “do-over” today?

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