Friday, January 16, 2009

Be a Better Villain.

Humor gives us perspective and insight into almost any situation. This book review/humor guide helps us to see how even something as terrible as crime and plots to destroy the world can be funny. Using humor, exaggeration, and playfulness, this look at make-believe evil can be used as salve against real-life malevolence and foul deeds.

The Villain’s Guide to Better Living by Neil Zawacki is a fun-filled, rib-tickling romp through the mind and life of your average evil doer. As Neil explains the hardships of villainy “You can invent a death ray, but you still have to work nights at the video store. You can even replace all humanity with robots, but you can’t convince any of them to go to the movies with you.”

Through this book we find that like real-world criminals, those in the fantasy realm suffer the same fears, frustrations and issues as we every day citizens. Many are geeky, immature, self-conscious and nervous. They struggle with home decorating – should they use glowing green mutant men or the warm orange glow of torches for indoor lighting?

What about home protection? Should you go with a classic, paint-peeling, bat-infested, musty, creaky haunted house, or simply use an invisibility spell to keep out intruders? What about work? You need money to finance your diabolical ventures. You may need a professional resume writer. One proficient in wording and phrasing who can turn: “Raising an army of the dead,” into “Knowledgeable in training coworkers.”

There are even tips for your daily commute. Such as making those traffic jams more bearable by “unleashing your swarm of monkey men.” I have to admit I find the idea tempting myself. If only I had thought to make such an army! There are even tips for “motivating your minions.” Some suggested techniques are “whippings, bribery, ogre supervisors, and lots and lots of shouting.’ Wait – that sounds somewhat familiar. . .

Mr. Zawacki even dips into the social arena, with tips on forming fiendish alliances. Thoughts include “creating life (your own undead monster), secret societies, seedy alien bars, and mind control (such as hypnotism).” Couple that with a one-eyed moat monster or a three-headed hellhound and you’ve got all the companionship any bad guy could ask for.

We could all do with a good laugh, and this book provides those in spades! Filled with unpleasant insight, and revolting revelations, this is one horrifically good read. With all the stress of politics, finances, and the every day struggle of living, this is a must read for humor fans and horror fans alike. Check it out today.

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