Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Sprit

City and County Building, Denver, CO by trythil

I love Christmas time. It’s so beautiful and nice. I love the twinkling lights and sparkling snow, the hot cocoa and happy music. Have you ever heard music cheerier than what they play at Christmas? If it was a food it’d be a 10,000 calorie dish it’s so sweet and nice.

People are kinder too. I’m constantly amazed at the generosity of the American people. While they give to hurricane relief, flood relief and help with emergencies and disasters of all kinds, they kick things up into high gear during Christmas. Food pantries, toy drives, money for the needy, hearts and pocketbooks open up so that everyone can enjoy the happiness of a full belly and a gift under the tree.

Sure there might still be a few scrooges or a Grinch or two, but somehow it’s just easier to laugh them off instead of taking their grouchiness to heart. People are more light-hearted and quicker to laugh. We share Christmas cartoons, emails, jokes, recipes and more. We feast and celebrate for an entire month and grow closer together in the merriment.

Have you been putting off your Christmas fun while you get your shopping and cooking and cleaning done? Well, now is the time to enjoy it! It’s the last weekend before Christmas. Time to have some sugar cookies and watch It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street while you cuddle with your spouse or child. Time to sing some Christmas carols or sit in the quiet of a peaceful night with the glow of the Christmas tree softly lighting the room.

Christmas is too beautiful to pass up. Don’t let the excitement and preparation for the holiday take away your time to enjoy it. Go for a walk or a drive and see all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Or have dinner out with friends and take a break from the kitchen. Put the ornaments on the tree, attend church, go ice-skating, build a snowman, bake cookies or whatever else you love to do.

Christmas is a wonderful experience of excitement, laughter, food and family. It is a special time when our abundant blessings are cherished and savored. It only happens one time a year – so live it up! And have a very Merry Christmas! Peace and blessings to all of you.

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