Sunday, June 22, 2008

Give In To Your Whims!

Big Fun by Ernst Moeksis

What do you do when you desperately want to do something you enjoy even though you know you have chores and responsibilities waiting? Do you give in and embrace your passion, or trudge through your to-do list grumbling and groaning all the way?

Give in to those whims! Go re-read your favorite book, dance to the music, or indulge in a favorite movie. Call a friend, go shopping for an hour or take a hot bubble bath. Give in to escape. Retreat into another world, a new environment, a change of pace. Allow yourself a few moments of pleasure doing what you love.

In return, your enjoyment will boost your energy and your mood, allowing you to complete your tasks more quickly and easily. It’s like eating your dessert first. You begin with the best part, and after fulfilling that craving, you receive a happiness high that sustains you through the not-so-fun drudgery still to do.

Of course there are times when we have too many duties and responsibilities, and they need to be done immediately. But whenever possible, we should make time for laughter, joy and entertainment. Schedule it into your day, and recognize the importance of leading a balanced life. Fun is a necessary diversion from the seriousness of life.

A whim is a playful calling of your spirit, saying “Hey, come have some fun, you’ve been cooped up too long.” You might feel an urge to sing, dance, run around outside, play a video game, or play fetch with your dog. You might build a couch cushion fortress with your son, cloud-watch with your niece, or catch lightning bugs with your 4-year old.

Whims are by nature spontaneous and playful, and if you want to stay flexible and adaptable to the changes in life, they are vital. Fun keeps you open to opportunities to fool around and be silly, which is essential if you want to keep a positive attitude in spite of life’s troubles. Light-heartedness keeps the anxieties and complications of life from overwhelming your ability to enjoy the present moment.

So go ahead and frolic in the pool for an hour, join your kids on the trampoline, have a water gun fight with your spouse. Play hide and seek, win at poker with your friends, or go to that free Friday night concert in town. When you feel good, your attitude improves and you will feel happier and more confident. There’s no time like right now.

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