Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 Free Ways to Enjoy Life.

View from Rastaholm by Per Ola Wiberg..(PO...or Powi)

It’s so easy to overlook the wonders and joys that surround you every day. In the rush and hurry of getting through the day, we may overlook the simple pleasures. With all the products and advertising bombarding us, you may have forgotten some of the free and easy ways to enjoy the abundance that is all around you:

  1. Look outside your window. Really look. Watch the emerald green leaves sway in the breeze under the golden rays of the sun. Watch as the fire-red cardinal flits and weaves among the tree branches, singing his happiness for all to hear. Smell the wet earthy freshness of the air after the rain. The earth is an enchanting place.
  2. Taste your food. Savor the salty sweet buttery flavor of corn; delight in the melty gooiness of a cheese and pepperoni pizza. Let the creamy silken smoothness of pudding slide down your throat. Taste the tangy sweetness of the juicy navel orange. Pay attention to your food and you’ll enjoy it even more.
  3. Discover History. From books to TV, the history of the world surrounds us. From the ancient pyramids in Giza to the glistening white expanses of the frozen Arctic, wonder and beauty are everywhere. Learning about the variety of life and culture on our planet is endlessly entertaining.
  4. Rejoice in your mobility. From your able-bodied feet to the rolling wheels on your car, you are able to go virtually anywhere. From the beaches and mountains to the community pool and local library, recreation and diversion await around every corner.
  5. Musical Madness. From the throbbing drumbeats of African and Native American drumming, to the rousing symphonies of the Beethoven and other classic composers, music is a release for mind and body. Whether dancing to your favorite hip-hop or pop tune or simply relaxing to the tranquil melodies of new age tunes, music is available any time of the day or night.
  6. Spontaneous Fun. Surprise your spouse with a romantic candlelight dinner, take your kids for a romp at the local playground, sing in the shower, dance under the moonlight, watch the sunrise, and play flashlight tag in the dark. Be playful and open to trying new things. It will add more laughter to your day.
  7. Stimulate your brain and mind. Do a jigsaw puzzle, start a card game and wager potato chips, M&Ms or whatever goodies you have in the house. Play charades or Pictionary for a boisterous, crazy night. Pull out an old favorite like Monopoly, Sorry, Yatzee, or Clue. Or try a classic children’s game you’ve never played before.
  8. Create something beautiful. Draw a picture, grow a garden, play an instrument, write a love letter, make a photo scrapbook, or build a bench with some spare wood. Use your chipped china and pots to make a mosaic table, or those extra magazines and ribbon scraps to create a one-of-a-kind greeting card.

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