Saturday, January 26, 2008

Imagination – the Gift of Possibilities.

The world through my eyes by aussiegall

Besides laughter, imagination is one of the greatest gifts of human beings. Our imaginations allow us to contemplate such mysteries as how we can lower our electric bill and save money, to the merits of brawn versus brain in a Hulk versus Superman fight to the finish. With the power of our minds we can create new worlds, new ideas, and new ways of thinking. With a little help we can make our imagination limitless.

Imagination is often underrated and overlooked. Parents are heard shushing their children, “There are no such things are monsters under the bed,” while in later years advertisers pay millions for successful product ads filled with the same type of originality and wonder.

Imagination is part of our world in a wide variety of ways; from new recipes and taste combinations, to the books we read, movies we watch and of course the art we enjoy in our homes. Imagination is the powerhouse of creativity and ingenuity that create new products and services and grow our economy and our world. Inventive and visionary people from all walks of life are sought for an assortment of jobs, businesses and careers.

Imagination has played a part in my life since the very beginning. As a child my love for reading and learning came in large part from the colorful, creative and unusual world of Dr. Suess. Cartoons which allowed a suspension of reality filled my head with wonderful and marvelous new ideas. Fun and playful commercials enticed me into a fantasy world with my favorite characters where adventure and excitement lay around every corner.

Here are a few of my favorite imaginations:

  • Shel Silverstein – author of “A Light in the Attic,” and several other wonderful books. Childhood poetry and books opened my mind to meeting new people and seeing new places.
  • Roald Dahl – author of “Matilda,” and “The Big Friendly Giant (or BFG).” Dahl’s creative wordplay, playful attitude and funny characters are still a joy to read.
  • George Lucas – director of Star Wars. Okay, we all know George. His movies have created one of the hugest fan bases in this universe. For over 30 years he his beloved films have inspired new generations of scientists, researchers, explorers across the globe.
  • Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and other classical artists have touched hearts and minds with their musical genius. Their legacy continues as the beauty of music continues to inspire countless generations.
  • Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, and the many past and present inventors, whose very job it is to have the biggest imaginations possible. Without them and their wonderful minds we’d still be in the dark.
  • Your children and grandchildren. If ever you need a boost in how to access and use your imagination, spend a little time with some kids.

If this has inspired you as much as it has me, you may want to jump right out there and start using that noggin of yours. Use it or lose it as they say. Here are a few web sites to help you do just that:

Develop Your Imagination by Using it.

Guided Imagery for Relaxation

Robert Alan Black’s Creativity Challenge #14 (1999)

International Centre For Creativity and Imagination

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