Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happiness Tips from Teens.

Ist das die Sonne? Day 45 by Arwen Abendstern

Who knew those reclusive, moody, opinionated teenagers had so much common sense? Here’s an idea of some of the tips they’d give for a happier life – if only you’d listen to them:

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Snuggle under those covers and use those extra pillows to block out the sun. Make sure you get plenty of shut-eye so you can conserve your energy for those important events like skateboarding, football games, socializing and parties.
  2. Eat what you like. Your body needs fuel to feel good and work properly. You need food and plenty of it. Don’t skimp on eating and deprive yourself – eat foods that taste great so hunger won’t be a distraction later in the day (or night.)
  3. Don’t listen to authority figures. Always make sure those in charge actually know what they are talking about. Question everything. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams even if the experts don’t think it will work.
  4. Express yourself. Don’t conform to the expectations of others. Find your own style and personality.
  5. Experiment. To keep life from getting dull and repetitive, stay curious and try new ideas. Remember that your future is full of limitless potential.
  6. Let loose once in a while. When the pressures and constraints of life bring you down, go a little crazy. Let your hair down (or put it up) and go out for a night of fun. Party your butt off!
  7. Remember your friends. They are the ones who pick you up when you stumble, and make you laugh when you have a rough day. Stay in touch through email, phone, letters, and frequent visits.
  8. Embrace change. Life is all about learning and growing. Be open to new people, places and changing trends. Embrace new technology and help keep your mind from growing stale.
  9. Stay active. Whether you enjoy sports, daily walks, dancing or chasing your younger brother through the house, a healthy body is an active one.
  10. Keep your calendar clear. Don’t let chores, work or school commitments keep you from taking time for yourself. Leave free time for activities you enjoy – or for nothing at all.

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