Thursday, August 7, 2008

19 Unusual Stress-Busting Tips.

What?!?! by dizznbonn

When life gets too serious, here are a few goofy tips to lighten up and bust that stress out of your life:

  • Write a nasty letter in invisible ink.
  • Roll down a grassy hill to shake up your world.
  • Find a place to hide. (Try the park, your car, the garage or anywhere else you can remain undisturbed for a few hours.)
  • Eat funny food. Try goldfish crackers, cherry flavored gummy bears or Scooby Doo ice cream.
  • Play basketball and imagine your adversary’s face is the ball. (Ditto for baseball, tennis and soccer.)
  • Load a squirt gun with bubble mix and practice your shooting.
  • Keep a drawer of crazy buttons and bumper stickers sayings. Put up a wacky motto for the week.
  • Go to the pool or run through the sprinklers to “wash your worries away.”
  • Have a good sniff. Spritz on your favorite perfume, massage your head with relaxing lavender essential oil or keep your car smelling pine fresh – whatever puts a smile on your face.
  • Wear all black to express your feelings. Or dress in all pink to improve your mood.
  • Paint your feelings using finger paint.
  • Surround yourself with puppies by visiting a local shelter.
  • Crank up the music. Listen to some childhood favorites to bring back happy memories.
  • Crush and destroy. Find a stuffed animal, gel stress ball or other squishy object and shake, slam, and crush it as you talk about what’s bugging you.
  • Become someone else. Escape your problems by adopting a new accent, look or name temporarily. Refuse to answer to your true identity until you feel better.
  • Buy a punching bag and get it out of your system. (You’ll get in shape and get those “feel-good” endorphins at the same time.)
  • Lie on the grass and cloud watch or star gaze. If you’re still alive after 15 minutes, get up, brush yourself off and continue your day in a better frame of mind.
  • Buy some bubble wrap and spend 10 minutes popping them. (I don’t know why but for some reason this always makes me smile.)
  • Chew some bubble gum and see how big a bubble you can blow.
  • Shake it off. Starting with your left leg, raise it up slightly and shake it as if something were stuck to your shoe. Do the same with the right leg, then your left arm and right arm and finally your entire body. Don’t know why but this works really good. You may have to repeat two or three times to get the full effect.

What are your favorite ways to have fun and loosen up?

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Paula said...

These are great! Let the child in you come out I say! Thanks for this great post. I have saved it and I will read it again when I am feeling overwhelmed and I will put some of these into practice!