Thursday, February 7, 2008

Funny Gift List For All Occasions.

I love to give and share funny gifts, but when the time comes my mind goes blank and I can’t think of a thing. I love making people smile, so today I’m making a list of great gifts to give to anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you have some great ideas please feel free to share your own tips as well.

Funny greeting cards. Great for almost any occasion, funny cards make any birthday better, and can even make a broken arm feel better for just a moment. Try the newest ones with sound bites from your favorite movies and TV shows for a real laugh-out-loud moment. Visit Hallmark online for Maxine, Hoops & Yoyo, Peanuts and more.

Cartoon books, wrapping paper and calendars. From the Far Side to Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield to Peanuts, cartoons are fun for all ages. Buy them a 365 day calendar to flip through, or a consolidated book of their favorite cartoons. Keep ‘em laughing every day.

Buttons, magnets and bumper stickers. These are cheap, inexpensive gifts you can find almost anywhere. Pick up some fun smiley faces, a “I live for the weekends” magnet, or some crazy bumper stickers. Character buttons like the Simpsons, Scooby Doo, Yoda, Harry Potter and others are fun to give.

Movies. We all need a good belly laugh now and then. Movies are a great way to do that. From comedies to cartoons and everything in between, there’s something for every taste. Check out my previous article “Movies that make you laugh out loud,” for a few recommendations.

Stripped socks and silly ties. Giving people silly clothes is fun. Find a vintage Underdog t-shirt, a cute Mickey Mouse sweater, or some bright orange tennis shoes for that perfect gift. Be playful and help them find their inner child. Stylin Online has a great selection of classic and current designs.

Posters and pictures. These are great any time. Funny animals are always a hit, as well as the un-motivational posters that are so popular. Check out Despair, Inc for a few fun ideas.

Everyone loves candy. From cookies to candy bars, Skittles to Atomic Fireballs, most everyone has a sweet tooth. For a twist buy a special bag of M&M’s with a personalized message. Click here for details.

Smiley face gifts. Everyone loves to see a big, bright smiling face looking back at them. Share the love with great smiley face items. From clocks to mugs to badge holders, pens and pencils, there’s something for everyone. Click here for more.

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neha said...


i like your gift pranks. well i am planning to gift my wife a toilet monster so that she will run away from my house.