Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Brain in Love.

Love is all. . . by suchitra prints

Is your brain in love? Is it the heart or brain that tells you you’re in love? Doesn’t the brain affect your body with chemical messages? Doesn’t that message system go both ways? Don’t you feel the pain of being “broken-hearted” in your chest?

Love is a funny thing. There are so many different levels of love. You love your partner. Just the thought of spending time with them fills you with joy. You take comfort in knowing someone is there to help you get through life. You love you children. Being with them brings you hours of laughter, and taking care of them gives your life interest and provides you with much satisfaction. You love your dog. You are constantly amazed at the inter-species communication that happens when you dog wags its tail and you reward it with some attention.

Then there’s love of things. You may love your car. It is the perfect color, size, and shape for you. It is a reliable and convenient way to travel and includes entertainment features like music and on-board computers. You may love sunsets. The sight of that magical minute or two when the sky looks like a color-strewn canvas, full of pinks, reds and oranges, that last for a moment or two each day.

So is love all in our heads? Is it in our bodies? Or is it everywhere? Do we love because we think we do, or do we love because we feel we do? Does our brain tell our body we’re in love, or does our body tell our brain we’re in love? Does it really matter?

Love is a glorious wonderful thing. It can glitter and shine brightly like a diamond, or be a mountain of support that never fails you. It lights up your world, brings sunshine into the dark and gives our lives purpose and meaning. Family, friendships, and affections, all of them add those delightful feelings of happiness and those giggly, giddy moments of pure joy into our lives.

Wherever it comes from, whatever is, love is welcome in my house any time. Thanks for reading – and Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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