Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is here!

Loose-Leaf by Nicholas_T

Ahh, fall. Those crisp, cool mornings where stars glimmer and shine in a crystal clear sky. The day begins to wind down a little bit sooner as night falls earlier each evening. Trees begin their brilliant fashion show as they change into vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, dazzling us as take our daily walk. Homemade soup and hot cocoa fill the air as families gather together for a bit of warmth.

As I’ve moved from MD to FL and back north again to TN, I am in love once again with the passing seasons. I am captivated by the noticeable changes in the days. How the cool weather brings thick white fog, that envelopes us in a soft cocoon, muting the harsh noises of traffic. Or the first frost, when plants and grass are coated in a thin layer of white that sparkle in the streetlights overhead.

Fall brings to mind family and friends. Holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, when we get together and eat, frolic and enjoy one another’s company. A time to give thanks for all the joys and happy moments we’ve experienced through the year. Fall brings us back together as we shelter from the cold.

Two of my favorite fall activities are decorating a bright orange pumpkin for Halloween (and even Thanksgiving), and going on a hike to see the gleaming colors of the Maples, Ash, Sweet gum, Birch and Oak trees. I love listening the crackle of fallen leaves as they crunch underfoot. The cool air is invigorating and lures me outside day after day.

Some more favorites of mine are; eating Halloween (black and orange) Oreos, visiting family and feasting at Thanksgiving, going to Haunted houses, eating crisp fall apples, the first pot of homemade soup, hot tea on a cold morning, and seeing the first Christmas decorations go up. What are you favorite fall activities?

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