Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do Your Thing!

As Light as Air by aussiegall

What’s your thing? Do you tell great jokes and make everyone laugh? Are you a gardener whose delicious fruits and vegetables look like works of art and taste like the finest dining? Have you become the #1 collector of vintage GI Joe figures or Strawberry Shortcake dolls?

We all have passions, loves and favorite subjects. Sometimes there are tons of other people who enjoy the same thing. Other times you may be the chief authority on the best fishing lures or the only collectors of heart-shaped keychains. The great thing is; this is what makes us all unique and interesting. It’s part of our personal style. It’s our thing.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you get to work at your obsession every day. Maybe you love dogs and you work as a pet sitter, cuddling fluffy kittens and playing ball with energetic dogs every day. Or you could love flour, cakes and frosting and have your own bakery. Maybe you love helping others and you work as a nurse, doctor, counselor or therapist.

Meeting someone who loves their work gives us a jolt to make our own passions and joys part of our daily life. How many grumpy, zombie-like, half-asleep people do you know? Probably lots. How many alert, excited, and happy people do you know? I’ll bet you can count them on one hand. Become one of these people. Even if you can’t do the work you love, you can work to love what you do.

So put your bowling trophy on your desk at work. Enter your flowers in the fair and meet other budding enthusiasts. Be a mentor and teach a child how to golf or play basketball. Buy that Darth Vader lamp shade for your bedroom – it’s your room isn’t it?

Don’t be afraid to live a little. So often we give in to that pressure to fit in and “be normal.” What is normal? What’s normal for Americans is strange to the Chinese. The Germans don’t eat the same foods as the Italians. India dresses differently from Russia. Embrace the differences – your own and others. They make the world a more interesting place. Variety adds fun and an element of surprise to each day.

Wear white after Labor Day – you’ll match the ice and snow. Cook a five-course meal for two – who says you need a crowd? Read comic books instead of novels. Play hide and go seek with your husband. Have fun and live well. Do your thing and enjoy life!

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