Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Day – Time to Play!

Well, we’ve been snowed in pretty good here in West Virginia, and there’s more on the way. I have to admit, my first thoughts when seeing all that beautiful white snow was “Let’s go play!” We took a walk this morning through the pristine whiteness. It snowed 4-5 inches in 5-6 hours. It was literally a winter wonderland. Everywhere snow lay like vanilla frosting, covering up the bare tree limbs and dull brown grass with beautiful fluffy white.

I have great childhood memories of snow. I remember how puzzled I was the one year a blizzard came through. While my parents complained of being “stuck at home,” because of snow piled against the door, my brother and I tunneled our way out. I think we were out of school for 3-4 days. The whole block came out to play. We made snow forts, tunnels, had snowball fights, made snowmen and snow angels. It was a blast!

Here are a few pictures I took on my morning walk:

Here’s the road to get off the mountain.

Here’s a view down the hill – want to go sledding?

This was the morning blizzard!

Me and the dogs having fun in the snow.

I did find a little downside to all the fun. My poor little dog had the snow stick to her warm fur. It began piling up more and more as she walked. Check out this photo snapped at the end of the walk. We had to give her a warm soaking to melt all the snow off of her. Too funny!


jen_chan, writer said...

Where I come from, there is no snow. But people are also saying that a white Christmas can be terribly lonely. It just goes to show that it's not what you have but what you do with it that makes all the difference. Obviously, you are having a great time in the snow. And despite the tropical weather in my country, I am, too! Happy Holidays! said...

Wooo! Looks so beautiful. Glad you guys had some fun in it.

funspirit said...

For a person living in Florida for 14 years, this was a blast. I did finally make a snowman too - after 20 years it took me more than one try to do it though. :0)